At Jane & Co. Crafts we do a lot of custom and personalised work for everyone and anyone so if there is something you would like to get done, please don’t hesitate to contact me at . Please be aware, responses can take up to 3-8 working days while production of your items, depending on what it is, can take longer. So for these requests please contact me well before your deadline so we can finalize what exactly needs to be done and have it made up for you.

Please note: places are extremely limited on a monthly bases.


Some of the common services we provide

DESIGN MATCHING – for acrylic and decals
Here at Jane & Co.Crafts we do provide a design service, however you may have already gone to a designer for your event stationary like your invitations etc. and now you would like a matching plaque or decal to go with your theme for your event.

All you need to do is email me the high resolution pdf file of your invite or your can get your designer to contact me with the file. As we may not have the program you used to create your file and may not have your fonts, we ask for the files to be made as a high resolution pdf and therefore will not accept any other file format. Once we have this file we are able to program it into our software and our machines do the rest.

Please note: All files as such are deleted after use,  so please keep your original file if for some reason you need another one made up in the future. We do not reuse other designer files without their permission for a client other than the original who has the file. We follow copyright laws and respect the hard work that designers put into making these beautiful pieces of work. So if you see a font you like at a friends event that was made by us at Jane & Co. Crafts, but the font isn’t one of ours, this would be the case and unfortunately not a font we have access to.

We design, supply and cut all our vinyl in house and so we are able to have short turn around times and lower costs.

Once the vinyl is cut it is referred to as a Decal where you can transfer the design onto a suitable surface. These surfaces include, glass, plastic, acrylic, some walls, and pretty much any flat surface. Uneven surfaces such as brick or textured/rendered walls may or may not hold onto the adhesive of your decal due to the reduced amount of surface area of the adhesive making actual contact to the wall. If you are unsure of the suitability of the surface for these decals please message me before purchase and i’ll let you know and try find a solution for you.

All the Vinyls we use are of high quality and come with a minimum 2 year outdoor durability (mirrored vinyl) , minimum 5 years outdoor durability for standard vinyl or up to 12 years outdoor durability for commercial vinyl. They come in a matte, glossy and mirror finish (Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) and also with a permanent or removable adhesive (removable vinyl only comes with a matte finish). Instructions on how to apply your decals are included in any decal purchase.

We love acrylic and we love designing new things to do with acrylic. We can get almost any colour in stock but we love the mirror finish Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, black and white acrylics. We also can do bamboo! As for mdf, we do not cut this material due to the hazardous fumes emitted from the substrate when cut by laser.

We make personalised cake toppers, plaques and gift tags as per our website listings as well as a small handful of custom acrylic jobs. However, these spots do tend to fill up quite quickly.

We can make any size you like, but keep in mind the larger you go the more material we need to use and hence the price goes up, sometimes quite quickly, depending on the design and how much material we need to use to make the item.


Last updated: 12 March 2018