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So lets talk about the differences between our Stickers and Decals.

Here at Jane & Co. Crafts we have a range of adhesive options for events and home decor. The two main ones we have are our Stickers and Decals.

We define our stickers (also known as labels) as small adhesive stickers that are provided on sheets. They come in different sizes and shapes and finishes and are made in house here at Jane & Co. Crafts HQ.

They are generally used as Thank You stickers on favours, bonboniere and similar. Most of our designs are created by our customers where they come to us with an idea and we bring their vision to life, so if you don’t see anything you are after just send us an email here and we will work together to design and print it for you.

Our Decals (also known as wall stickers) come in all shapes and sizes and finishes as well. They are also made in house. We have Glossy semi permanent, matt removeable, foil & fabric finishes.

Decals are used as a temporary signage for walls, props and any sort of flat and smooth surface. We have made tiny decals for pantry labelling, general home labelling, favours, candles, wishing wells, mirrors etc to large decals that you see on walls, props, vehicles and floors.

Because of the varying nature of the size they can be the prices vary and sometimes a custom quote is necessary. 

So What are Decals exactly? they are like stickers but they are cut so that there is no background, just the text or the graphic element ( as in our floral wall decals) so it looks like its been printed onto the surface. 

We use high quality materials to make our decals that come with a guarantee that is backed up by years of research & development by our suppliers.

So i hope this covers everything and has given you a better understanding of the differences between our stickers and decals.

All the best,

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